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Medical Director

The hospice Medical Director ensures standards of care of hospice patients
The hospice’s medical director develops, maintains and monitors the standards of care (as set forth in the plan of care) that are administered to patients.

The hospice Medical Director directs the hospice staff
Our medical director oversees the clinical part of the hospice team, and monitors the quality of medical care provided to your elderly loved one.  As part of the entire hospice team, the medical director makes sure that your elderly loved one receives comprehensive palliative care – that is, relief from pain, control of infection, wound care.  The hospice medical director is a key member of the hospice’s management team, and oversees the hospice’s compliance with regulatory and clinical regimens.

The hospice Medical Director certifies (and re-certifies) patients as appropriate for hospice
The most prominent role of the medical director is that he or she reviews the charts of your elderly loved one and determines if your loved one is appropriate to receive hospice care.  To make this determination, the medical director will consult with your senior’s attending physician and with the hospice’s registered nurse.  The hospice’s medical director also oversees face to face visits with your elderly loved one by the registered nurse and other physicians (understanding that sometimes the medical director is already your loved one’s doctor).  The medical director may also make “house calls” when appropriate.

The hospice Medical Director works with the community
Finally, the hospice medical director acts as a liaison between the hospice and community physicians, local medical staff, and hospice referral sources.