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Chaplain Services

Emotional and spiritual support 

Serene Care Hospice focuses on a holistic approach by recognizing the dignity and value of the patient’s worth. Serene Care has chaplains who provide spiritual and emotional support for patients and families through visits with music, comforting scripture passages, prayer and counting ones blessings..
Our chaplains are available to:

  • Provide emotional support through discussion of spiritual issues
  • Allow patient and family to voice their concerns, fears and feelings
  • Assist family in understanding that hospice is not just about dying but also about appreciating and celebrating their loved one’s life
  • Assist family in understanding the grief process
  • Provide nondenominational spiritual counseling for patient and family
  • Network with local churches of the patient’s faith perspective so the patient can receive additional spiritual support
  • Attend wakes and or funerals of deceased patients when possible to represent Serene Care Hospice and to give support to the families
  • Provide support in grief support groups
  • Provide memorial services for patients when requested and assist in providing memorial services at facilities